My boyfriend and I are off to his family for Easter lunch this Sunday. He had neglected to tell me that I am supposed to be making the dessert! So quick decisions and using the only cook book that I have at his house- luckily I is the Great British Bake Off Showstoppers- I have decided to make a lime and ginger dessert. I’ve actually wanted to try this recipe for a little while, since the series when Paul sung its praises, and I’m interested to see how the ginger and lime go together. I’ve slightly tweaked the recipe by having a digestive biscuit base instead of pastry and omitted the meringue topping as in all honestly I can’t be bothered to make pastry or Italian meringue!  Also this makes it less fragile to travel with in the car, without a cream/condensed milk/lime explosion. It’s not the most typical Easter themed dessert with no chocolate or spices in sight, but after a rich lamb roast, I thought it might be nice and refreshing yet just as indulgent!

Here is the recipe and method:


For the biscuit base

250g digestive biscuits/ or use gingernuts and leave out the ground ginger

2 tsp ground ginger

100g butter

For the lime filling

 4 pieces stem ginger in syrup, drained and finely chopped

Finely grated zest and juice of 6 limes

397g tin of condensed milk

4 large free range egg yolks

 300ml double cream straight from the fridge

Preparation method

1.     For the biscuit base, start by crushing the biscuits, melt the butter and then combine with the biscuits.

2.     Press the butter and biscuit mixture into your tin to form the base. Set in the fridge to set.

3.     Sprinkle your ginger over the biscuit base and then mix half of the lime zest and all the juice in a bowl with the           condensed milk and yolks. Whisk until thickened and set aside.

4.     Whip the double cream until its thickened but not yet at the soft peak stage (pretty thick) and fold into the lime mixture using a metal spoon.

5.     Pour mixture onto the biscuit base

6.     Chill the dessert in a refrigerator for as long as possible or overnight.

7.     Finish by adding the remaining lime zest over the top

I made the dessert the day before as I always think it tastes better the next day. In hindsight, I might of swapped the digestives for gingernuts or something similar as the ginger didn’t come through well enough for me, but I guess it depends on how gingery you want the dessert to be. But it all went down really well and I had lots of positive feedback.


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