These sweet treats are gooey, fruity, tangy and far from perfect, but they are something I have wanted to try and make for a while now and who cares if they aren’t at their best yet, they’re edible and that is what matters.

I am pleased with the crunch of the crumble, the amount and texture of the raspberries and the taste of it all, but I know there is a big space for improvement. I would share my ingredients and method with you, but the amount of times I said “I’ll just add a bit more flour”, “just another squeeze of golden syrup”, it would be a completely different end result (probably better than mine!)

So my post today is not really about my flapjacks at all, more so that have an adventure with your food, try different things and always think that maybe you could do something different next time you make it. Don’t take failure sourly, think of it as a challenge and prove to yourself that you can create wonderful things!

One day I will have another whack at making my flapjacks and share with you my results, who knows I might even have a recipe to show you…


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