Who remembers those little packets of cod in parsley sauce that you got in a small square plastic packet and banged in the microwave? They still make them but for me these take me back to being a small child, they were soft and easy to eat, the fist disguised by plenty of sauce – I was very fussy about fish when I was younger, a terrible thing when the majority of my Motherโ€™s side of the family are from the island of Jersey and were brought up on fish caught by my great grandpa and then Uncle Great Uncle Clive. I liked how the sauce would seep in to the fluffy mound of mash potato as I mixed it around on my plate.

I went to university in Sheffield and lived there for 5 years, one day as I did my weekly shopping trip I came across these fishy delights in the frozen aisle. I put them straight in my trolley, and as I ate them one cold night I was transported back to the comfort of home.


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