Last year I discovered my favourite cocktail in a bar named The Botanist in Chester. The cocktail menu there is fantastic, there’s so many to choose from and each have a botanical twist to them. It is there that I discovered the absolutely delicious raspberry and thyme martini. I decided to have a stab at recreating this beautiful drink, but with my own twist and I think I can say it’s just as good as the real thing, just a shame I had no martini glasses, but the champagne flutes give it an impressive look!

Ingredients | makes 1

25ml Vodka
15ml Chambord
3 tsp Raspberry coulis
half a lime juiced
75ml Cranberry and Raspberry juice

1. Poor crushed ice in your glass, or place in the freezer for a few minutes to keep the glass cold.
2. Juice the lime into a jug or cocktail shaker if you have one, then pour in the vodka, chambord, raspberry coulis, cranberry and raspberry juice, and add a sprig of thyme. Mix or shake well.
3. Remove the thyme from the jug and then pour the cocktail into the cold glass.
4. Serve with a sprig of thyme.





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